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I completely forgot to mention that my Out-of-the-Ordinary Christmas dinner menu was a huge success.  We did not have a very large party so we went all out on the table setting and everyone was served a plate (instead of the buffet style). I had cloth napkins and everything! If you didn't read what the menu entailed on my previous post, go here

In addition I was at the parents house a few weeks back and found a cookbook on the coffee table titled Guacamole and Green Beans - interesting but it meant more.  My mom works with special needs high school students and one of them was featured and a cookbook was inspired by him.  Some of the top restaurants in Houston share recipes in the book.  Anyhow - I picked two for Mom to bring to dinner and they were both delish.  She made a southwest style salad that was ahhh-mazing and also one of the green bean recipes that even had wasabii peas in them, so different and yummy. 

It was totally a (my) great idea to veer away from plan old mashed taters, green bean casserole and canned cranberry sauce.  I did add potatoes Au-gratin to my menu and they were fab as well but NOT healthy, so it's more like a one time, special occasion recipe for my repertoir.  The husband did say it was his tasty-est Christmas dinner ever. 

My goal is to continue to branch out and get away from the comfort zone of recipes.  Especially for special occasions or when I am supposed to bring a dish for an event.  Who knows, maybe I'll get really good at it....


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