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Since we are not pregnant I set up my next appointment for a base line sonagram to try agian. 

I met with Dr. Le today and he said, "Lindsey, I'm sorry. If the IUI would have worked for anyone, I would have thought it would have been you guys.  You had 3-4 eggs ready and we took all the variables out of it.  It should have worked."  He proceeded to ask, again, how long we've been trying and I answered again, five years.

He said he would not do another IUI.  He said because of The Hubs swimmers, he doesn't want to waste more time and would recommend going forward with IVF.  Kind of a slap in the face.  Not that he sees it that way but I guess I always thought hoped it wouldn't have to come to this.  And now it's here and all other options have been exhausted and we are being told by a medical specialist that IVF is it. 

Totally changes your perspective on the process when it's the only answer to having a baby.  A baby you knew your whole life you would have.  Heavy stuff.
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