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I am attempting to stay calm and stress-free.
Howdy. Thursday is go day.

I've been to see Dr. Le every day this week and that trend will continue tomorrow, and then Thursday is when it all goes down.

I received a sheet of paper from Nurse Nina with LOTS of instruction for the next 7 days.  Before she gave me the paper (which looked like got into a fight with a highlighter) she said, "Lindsey, take it one day and one step at a time or you will get overwhelmed".  Do these people know me or what?!

When Dr. Le checked me out today he said, "everything looks great, I expect you to get pregnant".  I expect it too.  I'm not sure how I will handle it otherwise.  I mean, God only puts mountains in your way you can climb but whoa....  Let's not go there.
I am sooo ready.  Our Valentine's Day will be spent doing a bunch of nothing because I'm going to feel like poo.  Whenever I am given anaesthetics I get all nauseous and therefore will be hanging on the couch for the day. 

Although The Hubs is a romantic man (so rare) so maybe I won't lose all hope as to what he could have up his sleeve.
The key here is...


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