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When did every single holiday become a HUGE deal?  Obviously Thanksgiving, Christmas, NYE, Easter and July 4th have always been reasons to celebrate but now Cinco De Mayo, St. Patrick's day are big party holidays.  What's next? Partying on Columbus day?

Granted, St. Patrick's Day was always important for people of Irish decent (same for Cinco De Mayo and Mexican heritage) but when you go to a parade and there is a Hispanic person wearing a shirt that say "Kiss me I'm Irish" I blanch because it's so absurd.  II need a shirt that says, "Kiss me I'm Mexican" and wear it on Cinco De Mayo...

Not quite sure where that soap box came from but I'm off it.

This weekend is St. Patrick's Day celebrations all over.  I wonder where I'd be or even exist, if my grandma hadn't come to the states from Ireland back in 1928.  She was one of the oldest out of 8 children and left her modest home (more like a shack) to come to America for the "dream life". Pretty astounding adventure and I'm very proud to have such close background to Ireland.  ONE day I'll visit.

This day/weekend is usually celebrated with parades, green beer and bagpipes (my fav).  Dallas has supposedly one of the best St. Patty's day parades in the nation.  I wouldn't know, I've never been.  There is a 5k run, followed by a parade and ending with lots of shinanigans (usually drunk'n).  

mullet discrimination huh?
I wish I could participate in the run.  I wish I could see all the silly floats/people and of course the green beer is always a good time.  The Hubs has to work this Saturday so we will miss out, as I'm not comfortable going into that mass of people without him. 

So I will put on my knee-high-green-w/clovers socks and celebrate with green....water? :o)  It's all worth it to me.
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