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My results came back and my bet number almost tripled!!!!  I'm over 1400, which my nurse said is fantastic!!!!

I'm scheduled for my first peek at the Nugget next Monday.  Instead of being completely nervous and anxious for my appointments, now I'm just really excited.  There is a level of nervousness that is still bubbling under all the happiness, and I imagine it will make a big come back when we go to hear the heartbeat (10-12 weeks), but I'm being positive.  It worked before, it'll work again!

Now, I'm on the hunt for fun ways to "announce" it to all of the parents.  We will be in Houston to visit my parents for Easter weekend and I was thinking to do something Easter themed.  Like a giant plastic Easter egg with something inside that says "We are egg-cited to be egg-specting!" or "Lindsey will be "hatching" in November" or even something with little yellow chicks and "Baby Allen chick will arrive in November". 

Any of those good? All of them dorky? Yes, but I love dorky.
big bunnies....

I need to hit up Hobby Lobby or Garden Ridge to see what I can come up with as my creative genes are not in the surplus, never have been.

Any ideas?  Throw 'em at me!  I've waited a loooooong time to be able to tell people that we're expecting and I'm excited to have fun with it.

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