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Well this is probably more exciting for me than you but here are my Nuggets, actually looking like babies...

Baby A got a close up! 

They are laying transverse, so across my stomach from hip to hip, and they are facing each other :) See, they're already best friends!

The doctor recommended getting my cervix measured every two weeks...which means lots-o-appts (what else is new?). Dr. Graham, maternal-fetal specialist, said the number one indicator of preterm labor risk is the length of the cervix.  I am hopeful we'll make it nice and far along with no worries about having micro-preemies (that's a real thing).

The doctor could tell the genders!  We want to do a gender reveal party so he told us to look away on a few occasions and he gave us a note in an envelope with the results. I'm so excited I can barely contain myself.  The Hubs thought we would know and then reveal the gender at the party to our friends and when I told him we all find out at the same time, he wasn't a happy camper.  Especially since we are so busy and it'll be a few weeks before the party.   June 16th is the big day :o)



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