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Even as a grown adult, I still have to choke down green beans. They are gross.  There are few exceptions like how P.F. Changs makes their ginger green beans - which are all fresh and steamed and delish. 

This is NOT P.F. Chang's
This story has two parts.

Part one: With love in her heart and great intentions,  my mom made us choke down all kinds of hated veggies when we were kids - peas, corn, green beans, carrots (pretty much any vegetable we hated).  Whatever vegetable was in the little section of our divided plates had to be eaten before you got up from the table.  There was no if, and's or but's about it.  We had no dog to feed it to either.  I despised green beans.

I'd like to not do this to my children.  Can't we find something, anything they like that could supplement the nutrition of say, green beans?

Part duex: I have a beautiful neice, who won't eat anything that isn't a carb or high in sugar. 
Seriously.  This child would survive on waffles, cheesy noodles and anything derived from sugar.  We've even resorted to shoving something in her mouth just so she will try it because she has no idea if she actually likes it or not.  She gags and spits it out and then says "well...maybe I like it".  This is a true story.  I tried talking my sister in law into getting her protein shakes so my niece would have more protein in her diet.  My niece wouldn't drink it because of the texture.  Her stubborness is out of this world.  Unbelievable. This is a no win situation.

So my point is that I understand at a certain stage, as a parent, making kiddos eat their vegetables isn't their choice. I would expect that I'll go out of my way to ensure they are raised on healthy, nutritious diets but I hope the Nuggets have the Hubs tastebuds for green beans and that way I won't have to go to the ends of the earth before I make them gag on them.

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