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Bed rest is difficult.  It's hard to be an indpendent person and a control freak and have to relinquish everything to others to handle.  I cannot finish decorating the nursery.  I cannot make the crib skirts I wanted to sew. I cannot do anything that cannot be done from bed.

Bed rest is hard on The Hubs.

He cooks.  He cleans. He decorates. He shops (his least fav).  Those are just "my duties".  He still does all of "his duties" i.e., the pool, yard work, building stuff, etc.

If you've read this blog before, or even the "About me" page, you know that we love to do stuff. Whether it's brunch on the patio, dinner in uptown, movies, live music, sports games, etc., we are usually up to something.  Some of those things were cut back when we found out we were pregnant but our social lives didn't die.  Now that I cannot do anything, things around here are, well, boring.  I've accepted this fate but The Hubs is just kind of stuck.

I want to thank him for all of the sacrafices he's making for this period of time as well.  How can I express my thanks, is the challenge.  He's wanted an iPad for a while so I forced him to go out and buy one.  But I'd like to do something more.  What, is the question...any ideas?


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