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When you're stuck in bed there isn't a whole lot going on.  Which makes it difficult to be a blogger. :O)

Preggo Update
Cravings: I'm craving ice cream, orange juice, honey nut Cheerios, chocolate milk and other random sugary items I see on TV...
Weight Gain: 28 lbs. The number on the scale is very intimidating but everyone keeps telling me I look really small to be carrying twins. 
The Nuggets: Are moving like crazy.  Baby B likes to stretch up in my ribcage and Baby A enjoys a kung fu fighting session late night.
Me: I'm starting to reach that uncomfy stage.  If I was up and moving around, I imagine that I'd be even more uncomfortable.  Swollen hands, sore back, s t r e t c h i n g abdomen.

My doctor's appointment isn't until Friday this week so I'll have to wait patiently.  We really want the babies to stay in there until 36-38 weeks.  Hopefully they'll take me off bed rest around 35 weeks.  Just one week of freedom before they arrive sounds fabulous to me!!


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