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Happy Halloween blog world!

Someone asked me if we were settling in...what kind of question is that? It's more like surviving.

The boys came home during The Hubs second week off of work - he only took two weeks off. It wasn't ideal since they were in the NICU almost the whole two weeks but since I wasn't supposed to be driving, it was necessary. Anyhow, he returned to work on Monday. Thank God my mom came up to help. Total life saver. 

I feel terrible for The Hubs. He's exhausted. The Nuggets need more individualized help while feeding, so I cannot just plop them in my lap and plug a bottle in their mouths, and they're too small and/or not corrdinated enough to tandem breastfeed still. And since they never coordinate the timing just right...The Hubs ends up waking up for every feed. Then he gets up for work at 5:30 am. I'm tired just thinking about it. My mom takes them first thing in the morning so I get a few extra hours of sleep, to which I am grateful and sane because of.

I've only called the peditrician once in the week they've been home. I think that's a win for a first time mom (of NICU twins). My sons pass gas like grown men. Seriously. I think their tummies are not agreeing with the supplemented formula we are using. With the pedi's blessing, we are switching to a type that is especially for gas. I'm pumping and nursing but my supply is still insufficient and we have to keep their calories up, so formula is a necessary evil. I'm able to make it through the day without crying regarding my supply but it's still discouraging. With the help of others recommendations (mothers milk blend, stinging nettle tea, mothers milk tea, goat rue), it's increased slightly but I'm still producing less than 2 oz every time I pump. 

In other news, in true Hallows Eve spirit, I have the cutest costumes for the Nuggets but they are way too big for these little guys. I might try and put them on anyways. Pictures in days to follow.

Sleepy C with a sleepy daddy 

I'm completely in love if you couldn't tell...

XOXO - Lindsey 
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