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I'll update you all with the details of everything later but our boys are here!

Weston Lain and Corbin William made their debut at 35 weeks and 5 days - my water broke at 1 am on Wed morning and off we went.

Both we're doing well at birth and the NICU team left. We were thrilled that they could room in with us. 

Over the next two days they were monitored closely and we struggling with eating and began to lose too much weight. Last night/early this morning the pediatrician made the call to move them both to NICU. I am very emotionally as I had them by my side for 48 hours and now they're not.

Everyone is very positive about their care and progress and don't predict a long stay. I'm sad/devastated that they won't be coming home with us tomorrow but that was always a chance.

All the nurses coo over how cute they are and everyone at Baylor Grapevine Medical Center has been awesome. 

I'm just ready for the WHOLE family to be together.


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