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As first time parents there are a lot of things that make me laugh.  A lot of things make me want to cry too but lets focus on the funny moments, especially ones that have to do with The Hubs and dirty diapers.

1. The Hubs stopped in the middle of dinner to change a diaper. When he came back he said, "probably shouldn't have had pizza in my mouth when I opened that diaper." He was done eating after that.
2. In our house The Hubs developed a poopy diaper rating system. However many wipes are needed - for example; a very messy diaper is a 5 wipe alarm.
3. The Hubs managed to get poop under one of his fingernails. After years of me telling him not to chew his nails, he has finally stopped.
4. My favorite is all the ohhh's and eww's that come out of the room when he's back there changing one of the boys.
5. When someone passes gas in the room, I honestly have to ask if it was Daddy or one of the babies!

There will definitely be a lot of moments over the years to laugh at and I'm looking forward to them all!

Xoxo - Lindsey

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