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We had our two month appointment yesterday. The Hubs was so "excited" to get home for the appointment he rear ended another car. I digress.

Weston weighed in at 10.8lbs and a lengthy 21.5". My big boy! He's moved from the fifth percentile to the twenty fifth!

Corbin is a lighter 8.8lbs but also 21.5" long...he's more like his mommy - long and lean. Well, I'm not currently lean but hey, I just had twins. Cor remains in the fifth percentile.

The Nuggets also received their first round of shots. :( There are a lot of conflicting information and opinions out there about vaccinations but regardless, we have far fewers deaths in this day and age of diseases like polio and smallpox to forego these important vaccines. Both boys did really well with the shots but I still felt terrible for them. Daddy will always need to be present for appointments that include shots. 

We hit a big milestone this week! Look at who are both taking naps...in their CRIBS! Remember just last week I was at my wits end, holding both of them just to get a nap? Woohoo! Thank you Lord!

Look closely, there are babies in each crib!

And big man Corbin slept in the bassinet all night last night (still woke for feedings but went right down with zero crying!)

Weston napping like a champ!

I am not rushing anything along. I love my babies being newborns. I was just needing a little light at the end of the tunnel and this is it. I can shower without hearing (in my mind) someone screaming. It's really great.

I reiterate, no rushing. I am not looking forward to the day I have to return to work. I am excited for all to come but definitely not rushing the time away!

XOXO - Lindsey 

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