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I think if you polled moms of children under the age of 5 years old and asked them "what is the most important thing you could teach your kid?" It would be, to sleep. I have absolutely zero statistical data to back that statement...

Anyways...Did you know that? Sleep has to be taught?  I mean, they come out of the womb and pretty much fall right to sleep. That stage doesn't last long though. Then begins the desperate research to figure out how to get that baby to sleep!

I base my aforementioned question on the number of books, blogs, articles and more that cover the topic of sleep. Believe me, there are a lot of them. I think I've read about 90% of them too.

The reason isn't purely selfish. I'm not going to lie and deny that I would LOVE to consistently sleep through the night. But to be completely and utterly honest it is because children that are well rested are happy. They are more patient, they learn better/faster and are easier to teach. Overall they are healthier.

Those are all things every mom wants for their kiddo. And that ever elusive 8 hours of sleep as well.

We've got The Nuggets on a pretty good schedule. I actually had to cut back on the naps. They were sleeping 3+ hours, twice a day! Which started to push their bed time too late. We've scaled back to a max of 2.5 hours for naps and it seems to be working. 

They don't consistently sleep through the night, yet. Last night, Weston went from 8:30p to 6a but Corbin decided 11:30p and 12:30a were good times to wake up and then again at 5:00a. One baby does great, the other not so much.

I blame those wake ups on us trying to not swaddle them. They both have been breaking out of their swaddles a lot lately so we thought, let's try to wean from the swaddle. Their not quite ready yet.

These little boys are quite happy so we must be doing something right :)

We were at bruch recently and sitting on the patio (yes, patio weather in January...I love Texas) and I forgot hats for the boys. I felt like a horrible mom and to make up for it, we have about 5 kinds of hats now. The little safari style ones above are my fav!

Xoxo - Lindsey 


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