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We had our 6 month doctor's appointment yesterday.

Corbin is weighing in at 15.1lbs and has grown 2 inches. Neither The Hubs or myself actually heard the length, we just heard two inch increase. Total Mommy Fail. He's still my long and lean boy. When he got his shots, he brought the real tears and had both mommy and daddy and one of the nurses on the brink. 

Weston is still holding a strong lead with weight at 16.13lbs and a two inch growth as well. How ever long they are, they are the same. He yelled for a second but took his shots like a champ. Such a big boy. 

I hate those stupid shots.

Both boys are eating purred foods. I don't think they can do baby led because they aren't suuuper interested yet and being premies, the doc feels they need more practice and the extra calories are helpful. 

So far we've introduced sweet potatoes, squash and bananas. 

Corbin eats like a champ. Smacks his little mouth while he's eating.

Weston has a lot of tongue thrust but you can tell he's trying to figure it out. He definitely likes bananas.

I'm really glad we waited until 6 months to start solids. We haven't had any issues with tummies hurting or pooping...just in case you were wondering :)

We also had our six month pictures by Brittany with BFaithPhotographyDFW.com yesterday. The weather was perfect and the boys did great. I can't wait to see them!

XOXO - Lindsey 


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