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We knew that having a baby would be expensive. Even more expensive for us since we had infertility problems. Then twins.  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I'm a fairly frugal person. I intended to breastfeed. It's free. We all know that is still a sensitive subject for me. I get a sting of jealousy anytime I come across a nursing mother. I act like it's no bige deal but I kind of want to cry. Every time.

Anyways, through trial and error we figured out that the Nuggets tolerated Enfamil GentelEase the best. Some good friends of ours enlightened us that the Target brand formula matches the Enfamil GentleEase formula precisely. To be honest I think the Target brand was easier on their tummies. It's a big money saver, like big. If you use formula, check out the Target brand alternatives. Good stuff!

We also use a combo of Taget brand diapers and Pampers extra dry. Target throughout the day, since they are changed fairly often, and then the Pampers (which are much pricier) at bed time because those suckers do. not. leak.

As I mentioned before we are going to try a variation of baby led feeding which will also assist in baby food costs. So far, we have attempted brown rice cereal a few tries but The Nuggets haven't been too interested. Meaning, they spit it out immediately. Actually, Corbin let the first spoonful just kind of sit in his mouth. We thought he swallowed and a minute later it all came out. This same kiddo let's milk drain out of his bottle, into his mouth and then spits it at you. You can use your imagination as to how purred foods is going to go over.  

We no longer have Jackson to clean up the messes either. Also, still a very sensitive subject.

Good thing these guys are cute!

Xoxo - Lindsey


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