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The Nuggets are seven months, come Friday.

WHY do some moms still speak in weeks throughout the child's entire first year? I'm terrible at math so when I ask you how old your kiddo is and you answer in weeks, I give you a blank stare and say, "how many months is that?".

The reason I'm posting about this is because I'm seriously looking for someone to give me an answer. Not that I get many comments but for real, WHY????

After the initial 12-16 weeks almost all literature and even the doctors start tracking in months. 

I wouldn't know that the boys are 30 weeks unless I went back and actually counted (or cheat and look on this baby app I have).

The other weird part is, although the boys are about to be seven months (OMG!), the weeks don't add up... 

4 (weeks in a mo) x 7 (months) is only 28 weeks...but they're actually 30 weeks. I know, some months have more than 4 weeks. See why this is ultra confusing?!? 

Ok, end rant.

if anyone has an answer, please enlighten me.

Xoxo - Lindsey


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