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I was beginning to wonder if my Nuggets were going to have these totally adorable, gummy smiles until they turned one or if the gallons of drool meant they might actually get teeth.

My Weston had a break through! A teeny,  tiny tooth that is!

I didn't realize I'd be so emotional about it. It wasn't there that morning and when I came home from work, poof, there it was! 

I ask him to see it all the time. He complies with a ridiculously cute, almost all gummy smile. Almost...because there is one teeny, tiny tooth!

It's on the bottom, which is typical. He's army crawling all over the place and really trying to figure out how to do it on his hands and knees. 

If he spots the toy basket, he is across the room in a jiffy to pull it over and the soft through all of the toys.

We also received a few sneak peaks of the pictures from their six month shoot with Brittany.

I'm so in love!!


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