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So last year's Valentine's Day was ultra super duper special. Our retrevial took place on V-day and the transfer five days later. The rest is history :)

Going back and reading my own posts brings tears to my eyes.  I was so desparate. Scared. Nervous.

Now I'm just uber thankful and completely and totally in love.

I'm still so in love with The Hubs.  The man that supported me and loves me more than words can express.  He continues to support me, encourage me and love me.  He's a great daddy too.

And I'm also in love with those two little embryos 4BB and 5CA....

that grew and grew and became Weston Lain and Corbin William

Valentine's Day may be a fabricated Hallmark holiday but it will definintely have a special connection to the Allen Family. 

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